Cassidy Johnson

Common Relocation Mistakes



"Change can be both good and bad, but most people are resistant to it. When it comes to a person's surroundings, they tend to grow attached to what they're used to, and moving to a new city can actually be pretty terrifying."

Common Mistakes When Relocating Employees is an eBook that I designed while working as a Graphic Design intern at UrbanBound. I used the pinball game theme to visually play along with the idea of relocation and to make the idea of moving seem more fun for the clients reading this.



Common Mistakes When Relocating Employees is an eBook that I designed as an intern at UrbanBound. Its purpose is to aid companies in relocating their employees successfully. I utilized the movement and unpredictability of a pinball game as a fun way to discuss the process of relocation. 


Ipad mockups created by Anthony Boyd: